Monday, July 27, 2009

Cezanne Still Lifes


This was a class for ages 3-5 years old. With a little direction, they produced wonderful pieces!

First we learned a little about Cezanne and what a still life is. They thought it was funny that artists often used what was around them, even things from their ice box, or shoes from their closet as subject matter for paintings.

We read a funny book called, Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett.

I set up a white bowl filled with oranges on blue fabric at the center of the table.


Supplies were:
-limited paint palette
-3 brushes (I used 3 as a time saver)
-still life

I first had the kids establish a grounding point for the bowl by drawing a line from left to right across their papers.

Then they studied the shape of the bowl and drew it along with the oranges. We filled in our background using blue for the cloth (blow the line) and tan for above the line. At this point we took a break to let this step dry and visit the exhibit.


On our return we painted our bowls and oranges, adding a few highlights to complete our works!



Chandra said...

What a fun book to go along w/this class!

SeaBird said...

Wow - I'd never thought of doing a still life with my boys at their current age of 3 1/2, but after seeing this I think I'll try it!

tooznie said...

wonderfully inspiring. I've been thinking about starting up a kids art playgroup and you may well have given me the concrete tools to start with. THANK-YOU!

Heather - said...

How awesome. Great interpretation of Cezanne's work!

Kari said...

These turned out so beautiful! I just love this lesson.

Gail said...


I've managed to look at every post you've made and it looks like you last post was in July. Please keep it up. I love what you're doing!!

Thank you,

gail said...

Hello Erin,

Just want you to know I used your idea for a class I taught lately. All the details with a link to your blog are on my website

I love what you're doing and had a blast modeling a class after you still life class