Thursday, May 13, 2010


I attended the second installation of The Teaching Artist Toolbox put on by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City. We met at the City Arts Center (who has a really awesome exhibit right now by NYC artist Jason Hackenwerth).


He creates these awesome organic underwater animal like balloon sculptures. Just beautiful. You will never look at balloons the same. City Arts is offering free buses for schools. Give a call to see if you can arrange to share the exhibit with your classrooms. They even offer a teachers resource guide. I know I am going to have to take my boys and create a project around this. Will keep you posted. Visit his website. So inspiring!

The toolbox was productive. We heard from different organizations in the city that utilize teaching artists and educators to share their knowledge and skills with children in all sorts of settings.

Then we had an opportunity to break into small groups and share our strengths, weaknesses and how to solve those problems using our strengths as a group. I met new people and it was very productive. I also won a door prize. Bonus! It was an 80 pc. art set and a class pack of chalk. My boys are really pumped about the chalk.

The Oklahoma Arts Council had a lot of good info and I will be signing up for their conference in October... Art at Work: Creative Strategies and Proven Concepts Oct. 12 & 13 in Norman, OK.

I began my painting for The Children's Center and will share the progress soon.

Don't forget this weekend is ARTini! Did you buy your tickets yet???

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