Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bubble Wrap Printing


What a fun group of little print makers we had today at the OKCMOA. The average age today was 2 years old. They were excellent little students. I had our workstations set up with bubble wrap taped on top of newspaper with brayers and plexi ready to go.


First we used a brayer to cover our bubble wrap with our first color, yellow. We rolled, rolled, rolled. Then we pressed, pressed, pressed our paper on top. We peeled it away to reveal our first layer of paint. We made 3 prints today so we would have artwork to share.


I gave each child a bubble wrap shape with a new color and they brushed that new color of paint on and used it as a stamp. We used circles, squares, rectangles and triangles...working on that shape recognition! For each shape I introduced a new paint color along with a clean brush. And talking about paint, I will tell you I like these paints. They are Color Splash!
I find the color to be more vibrant than other brands. I am sure most of you have a brand you prefer...tell me about it in the comment section! While our pieces dried we read a book...The House in the Night.I picked this book up at my sons Scholastic book fair last month. It's a beautiful book. I thought it would relate well with the Peters exhibit and discussing light. It's a big hit at our house and the children enjoyed it this morning. We visited the Peters exhibit and returned to the classroom to sign our pieces.

Here is what you need:
-bubble wrap
-brayer or just foam brushes
-drawing paper
-newspaper (makes cleanup much easier!)

Here are a few more!





Sleepyhead Designs Studio said...

What a great, yet simple idea! I'm always brainstorming for Mommy and Me Crafts! Love it!

jenny said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea - someone just donated a roll of bubble wrap to preschool so I know what we will be trying soon. I love your blog :) Jenny

Deborah Stewart said...

I love this!!

Monica said...

What a fun idea! I might give this a try with my toddler.

Anonymous said...
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Katie Gonzalez said...

I love printing with bubble wrap!!!! My third graders are making collograph plates right now that include bubble wrap!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!!! I love the way these look! :D

AimeƩ said...

You do such great stuff with the little ones, I love it! I reposted this one here: http://web.me.com/redshoearts/Redshoearts/Blog/Entries/2010/3/25_Drawing_tips_for_babes.html