Monday, February 1, 2010

Paper Sculptures


What is sculpture? It is a 3-dimensional work of art. A work of this kind, whether large or small can be viewed from all sides. We can walk around it, and sometimes under or over it. Sculpture has come a long way from carved marble, stone or cast bronze pieces. Now we see sculpture in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Yesterday the OKCMOA had a table at the OKC Philharmonic for the Childrens Concert Series. Trying to relate a project with their theme for the day which was Music in Motion and our current exhibit, Jason Peters: Anti.Gravity.Material.Light was not as difficult as I thought. Peters does sculpture. The Phil does music. I thought about moving sculptures and what we could create with over 200 kids in an hour. Paper sculptures! I love to see kids build in this way. It forces them to think about art differently. Most kids can easily pick up a crayon or paintbrush. This pushes them to be hands on. It is also great for those motor skills! It was a busy day for the roads being so icy. I guess everyone had cabin fever. I would have taken more pictures, but we had SO many kids come through, I barely had the time to take the few pictures I did! Have fun with this project!

We started with our base piece of construction paper. I had the kids cut pieces and asked them what happens when we fold or bend paper. We worked on accordion folds, tubes, curling and more.

You will need:
-Construction paper (one piece for base and scraps)
-Other papers (I like the fadeless art paper, but you could even try scrapbooking papers for a different look)
-double side sticky tape
-we used colored masking tape too-fun!

Here are a few examples:






Bran said...

I love this! Beautiful!

Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

Thanks for the comment! The colored masking tape really adds a neat element. You can but it pretty cheap from DickBlick in all sorts of colors!