Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is the lesson plan for a class I was going to teach this weekend but I am doing a mud run and thankfully got another instructor to cover the class for me (Thanks Ms. Amanda!!) The kids love her and I am sure she will add her own creative touch to this class.

Why gears? Well the OKCMOA has an incredible exhibit right now that you might have seen traveling through your town, 1934: A New Deal For Artists. The first part of the exhibit is about industry and what better way to talk about industry than machines and gears!

Gears are fun, they make a lot of things go, just have your kids look at some of their toys. I found some books at our library and this great video.

The first step was some prep work. I actually traced circles of different sizes for each student as they are 3-5 years old. Your students and children can freehand circles or use a template like I did.

Now we cut our circles out. To give our gears teeth we make an even number of little cuts around the circle.
Now we fold back every other tooth.


Set gears aside and prepare background. First we use oil pastels.


Then use a watercolor wash to fill our paper.


Now we use our glue stick to cover the back of our gears and press and hold. You need to use quite a bit of glue and press and hold, hold, hold. I usually tell kids to press, hold and count to five.


Arrange gears over paper and we trimmed a small strip from each side of our final work. We glued down our big piece down on black paper and finished by gluing the strips around the piece with a little space left between the piece and the strips.


That's it! Wish me luck that I don't break a leg at the race! And please don't forget to enter the

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For this project you will need:
-Colored cardstock
-White constuction paper
-Black paper for mounting
-Pencils to draw/trace circles
-Oil pastels

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Miss said...

I love this idea- it will be the perfect art project to complement the kinetics/simple machines unit our Grade 2's do. Thanks for sharing!