Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cupcake Collage

I have been creating all sorts of cakes recently with children at the OKCMOA to celebrate the new exhibition, Poodles & Pastries (and other important matters): New Paintings by Franco Mondini-Ruiz. We are taking inspiration from his paintings and sculptures to create our own unique works using different mediums.

Yesterday we focused on collages in a class for 3-5 year olds and in Drop-in Art where children of all ages come to create.

In the class we talked about sweet treats, especially cupcakes! We visited the gallery to view the new works and read the book, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff.
We shared our favorite paintings and talked about our favorite type of cupcakes.With all of this information in mind we headed back to the classroom to cut, tear and glue our own cupcake creations.

We went over our steps but I have reminders on the board.


Supplies are ready to go:

Tables were supplied with baskets full of scrap paper, tissue paper, sequins, hole punches, glue sticks, yarn, scissors, background paper, 3 pre-cut cupcake bottoms and 3 icing tops. I explained that the tops for the icing could be covered and decorated or used as a template to trace on scrap paper and then the scrap paper could be cut out and used.

The children were instructed to decorate all 3 cupcakes differently. I think we succeeded! So much fun!

First ground our cupcakes with a semi circle. Then glue cupcake bottoms:


Now we start to top our cupcakes and decorate our papers!



You will need:
-9x12 heavy paper for background (we used tagboard)
-Various scrapbook papers
- Brown cardstock for cupcake bottoms (I pre-cut)
-White cardstock for icing tops  (I pre-cut)
-Tissue paper
-Hole punches
-Glue Sticks
-Yarns, sequins,other embellishments

Here are some of our finished creations! Are you hungry yet? :)















Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I love mixed media projects.
These cupcakes are adorable.
I love the variety of textures.

Fine Lines said...

I love the whimsy in each and every one of these!! Great use of materials!

mrspicasso said...

They look fantastic!

Wendy said...

Love your blog!-- I found it through Pinterest. These are great crafts!

MulticoloredPieces said...

As usual, a marvelous project. Love how you had the kids look at artwork first. The results are just so fun. I want to do this too!
best, nadia

Tracy said...

what an awesome project! i can't wait to try this with my daughter!

Steve and Eden said...

are you alright?

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

I love this idea! We are going to do this NOW with my kids! I would love it if you linked this idea up to The Sunday Showcase - a child centered linky and share it with others!

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Preschool Math Games For Kids said...

Look at this photos, these are seeming too good.. loving it!

Preschool Math Online said...

impressing craft:)

Maria K. said...

Thanks for a great idea. I did this project today at a nearby day center for developmentally disabled adults - they loved it !

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Homecraft said...

I love these

Not For Ponies said...

Absolutely loving these! Great work. Will be creating these at home this week

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