Friday, November 12, 2010

Feedback Fridays

Well, here it is. The first installation of Feedback Fridays. The idea was to call out my two favorite projects I saw during the week along with the site that sent me the most traffic. That is a bit tricky because it does not mean that they featured me or anything like that. They might just link to me-however, it still gets you come my way, so thank you! I think it's good for everyone, don't you? We're all connected here in blogosphere and I am all for supporting each other.


The site that sent me the most traffic this week is


The Artful Parent. Thanks Jean! :)

I saw a lot of great projects this week and my favorite two are below.

This beautiful Starry Night Collage. Spectacular!

Find it at Art with Mrs. Smith

The second project I fell in love with was...

Autumn Paintings! Glorious!
Find this project at MN Art Gal

I hope you will go give these project some love. I love them and am sure you will too!

Have a creative weekend!


tana said...

Oohh, Erin, thanks for shout out!!!! I also just love, love this project. And I love, love your blog also!

Big House Creations said...

I love seeing the news ideas! Yay for Feedback Friday! :)

andrea said...

What a great way to share ideas with other creative folks! I love trying new things or taking an idea and altering it to make it age appropriate! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin-

I like the concept of sharing the best of the best from your week. Very innovative!

Question for you or others: Are lesson plans one of the only things you go to art teacher blogs for?

I am so fascinated with the "other" aspects of teaching art. Philosophies, organization, literature and research, etc... The lesson is simply the vehicle for which we do all these other things, and unlike other art ed blogs, I try to focus on a wide variety of topics in the field of art education, not simply lessons. So, maybe your Friday thing could evolve into "Idea of the week" or "quote of the week" from other blogs, not just simply lesson ideas.

:) Good luck with it all!
The ART of Education

Tisha Smith said...

Wow, "BIG SMILE" - Thanks for sharing my Van Gogh collage lesson & I love your idea of Feedback Fridays!! Tisha

Rockabye Butterfly said...

I love your blog and follow it often.
I just started my own homeschooling blog!
Check it out :)