Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Audubon Birds

With Spring full steam ahead it's hard not to notice the birds. For a class of children ages 3-5 we focused on birds from the artwork of John James Audubon.


I gathered the kids around to look at works by Audubon. We read a silly bird story, Bird, Bird, Bird!: A Chirping Chant. After that we listened to bird calls from an iPod App. We talked about birds and all of the parts that make up a bird.

Without specific instructions or restraints the children used pencil then marker to draw their own birds.


After that we used watercolors and watercolor pencils to add details.

You will need:
-watercolor paper
-watercolors and brushes
-watercolor pencils

here of some of our works!








andrea said...

wonderful. the process is wonderful... looking, listening, reading... creating.

what a great teacher you are.

Holly V. said...

I really like these!!! They are adorable.

Barbie Jo said...

These birds just make me SMILE! I wish I were that uninhibited :)

Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

Andrea, you are going to make me cry. Thanks. I really try to incorporate as much as I can in a short time.

Holly, thanks!

Mom, my biggest fan! :)

lorel said...

A couple of these paintings remind me of the book "Ish" by Peter Reynolds. They look bird-ish! Love it!

Jeneta said...

Beautiful! I'm going to do this with my little ones at home. Thanks for sharing!