Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pet Portraits

Little artists joined me last weekend at the OKCMOA for Pet Portrait fun. We explored the works of George Rodrigue and got busy.

Using Rodrigue as our inspiration allowed the kids to have fun with their works instead of worrying and stressing about making it look exactly like their own pet.

To begin I had the children lightly draw their pet with pencil. We draw BIG and draw the front of our animals. I advised to keep it simple, details could be added later.


Next the students are allowed to choose one color of paint plus black and white (to shade and tint).

They begin filling in their pets and are encouraged to mix the paints to highlight one side and shade the other. Leave any white spots white.


They use a hairdryer to dry their work before outlining the pet with black paint. Now they can also add details.


The work need to be dry again before creating the background.

We broke the background into three parts. The bottom, left and right side. Here is where color comes in. They can use any color except the color of their pet. We use line and pattern to break up the three areas. So much fun.

You will need:
-Student grade watercolor paper
-Tempera paint
-Paint palette
-Wash bowl
-Pencils and erasers
-Hairdryer if you need to speed drying time








Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

These are beautiful.
I love the colors the background patterns

Fine Lines said...

These turned out great! The backgrounds look like they are straight out of a Matisse painting!!!

Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

LOVE the colors!

Jess Palotas said...

Love this! Thanks for posting this. It's going to make doing Pet Portraits so much easier!

Jess Palotas