Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nature Ink and Watercolors


For a class later in the afternoon we created nature inspired pen and ink drawings with watercolors. I encouraged everyone to really draw what they see and not what they think they see. No pencils. No erasers. They did great! Several people commented on how relaxing they thought it was.

We used:
Watercolor paper
permanent pens
nature objects

Working on mine (I still need to finish it!):

A few student works:
adult work-

age 7

adult work:

They turned out wonderful!


Chandra said...


Ms. Julie's Place said...

Hi there,
Just found you via Teach Kids Art.
I read down a few posts and I loved the one about how your painting inspires your son to paint too.
I have a seven year old like that. It's so much fun.
He told me that when I die he wants all my art supplies. ;-)

PS I'm at the party too. PARTY ON!

Kristin said...

Hi what beautiful work! Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog.