Monday, March 16, 2009

Rock Mary Underpainting

This is not complete!

Rock Mary underpainting

This is my newest painting- it is NOT complete. This is the underpainting, or the first layer. All it does is block in colors and today I will go in and begin to add details and lowlights. Tonight, since I am using acrylics I should be able to add highlights and final details. It's hard to show the beginning work like this, sort of like being naked. But, I want to document the process. It's the bare bones and hopefully it will come together and I should have a finished piece to show tomorrow. Then I'll get a frame and present it to my honey. It's for him, afterall!

While I painted, so did my little man. He covered paper with blue (Thomas), red (James) and brown (Toby). What's that you say? Well it's some of the Thomas the Train and Friends gang.

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Barbie Jo said...

Wow Erin! Rock Mary is looking really nice, I can just see my house sitting off to the left LOL!!!