Friday, March 13, 2009


Welcome! I guess am a woman of many hats. I love to create, cook and entertain. I am a wife to an extremely supportive husband and Mom to two funny and sweet sons that are growing by leaps and bounds. I am an artist and now an instructor at The Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I feel that roads have led me there for a reason. I love children. I love art. Now I can share my passion with kids at one the most wonderful places in OKC.

When I was a young girl I used to babysit- a lot. Even at the age of 13, I'd bring along an art box and I would make up projects to do with the kids. People used to tell me, "you'll have 7 kids and be a teacher! You are great with kids!" Well, I stopped at two kids, and my schooling is not in education, but art.

My parents are both extremely creative people. My Father-an artist, art director, web guy. My Mother- a quilter, illustrator and pattern designer. Growing up, I vividly remember visiting the Albright-Knox among other museums and galleries. These places made an impression on me and instilled a beginning love of art.

All through school I took art classes and remained creative in some aspect. Whether it was yearbook or art club. Arts have never been far from me. In college I soaked in a variety of coursework. Painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and graphic design.

I love design. I know my first graphic design class made me a bit of a design snob. I had a wonderful teacher that changed the way I looked at things. I began looking at everything different. Fonts, layout, and pattern. I always had an eye for these things, but now the bad things scream out to me. MACCRAP! (Dr. Watson's term for people that think they are designers because they have a computer and really just produce crap.)

From there I began looking to paint again-always my first love. I became involved with the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and began entering pieces for their annual fundraiser, 12x12 Art Show and Sale. Luckily my pieces have sold every year and I have met a few of my wonderful buyers. People began asking me, where is your studio? I began thinking, I need to paint more. I was in The smART Show in the Paseo in January. It was the first juried show I have entered in a while. It brought me more confidence and learning experience.

Through a friend, roads brought me to the Museum where I teach toddler and Pre-K classes. I love showing children-along with parents new techniques and pieces in the Museum. I guess it reminds me of being a little girl myself-holding hands with my Daddy while looking at these massive paintings and hearing him be excited about the colors, lines and design.

This being my first post here , I just wanted to share a bit of my background. Thanks for stopping by and please be patient with me while I get this place set up how I want it! :) Thanks!

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Sharon Williamson said...

Just had a browse through your blog - wow, you have a lot of energy (not to mention talent)! Your passion shines through - keep it up!