Monday, March 30, 2009

Russian Architecture


This project was done as a collaboration with the Museum and the Philharmonic. It is a children's concert series and this particular event was Tchaikovsky and the 1812 Overture. Well, I could not think of Tchaikovsky and his love for Russia without thinking of the beautiful architecture that surrounded him-especially the onion domes.


I had checked out this WONDERFUL book from our library ahead of time as well as several others to use as examples for the kids. (I kept and read much of this book for myself just because it is so amazing and I do have a love for architecture)

We used:
9x12 black construction paper
Crayola construction paper crayons


Have you tried those construction paper crayons? They are so vibrant and fun-especially on black paper. They almost look like oil pastels-without the mess. I am very lucky that the Museum's Senior Associate Curator of Education keeps a wonderfully stocked closet filled with all sorts of goodies to plan with and use.

The project needed to be easy-to facilitate a broad age range and be ready for as many as 200 kids.

Showing the books, I told the children to focus on the shapes, as the entire building can be broken down into rectangles, triangles, semi-circles, and to top it off, the beautiful onion domes. The kids really had a good time with this, even the little ones.

More examples:



Ms. Julie's Place said...

Thanks so much for the add to your blog list! I love these Russian buildings. They are awesome on the dark paper. I did a similar project like this where I gave the kids shape templates and then let them "build" up their towers. They especially loved the "Hershey's Kiss" shaped dome at the top!

Chandra said...

I especially like that even when parents/ grandparents would say, "my child can't do that," they did it. Kids can do anything when you don't predetermine their limits! p.s. that Senior Associate Curator of Education sounds like a GREAT person, and I'm sure she feels just as lucky to have you!! ;) tee hee

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
This is a super idea. I really like the way you link books and art projects. You are featured on The Crafty Crow today... that's how I found your blog and I'm so glad! :)

Anonymous said...